It happened this evening as I was on my way home…

As I descended the escalator at the end of a brief shopping excursion, I was stopped by three girls. All three were holding brown paper bags, which were decorated with printed polka dots, and had been tied closed with ribbon. The girls inquired as to my religion, then handed me one of the tied up bags. When, I untied my bag and looked inside, I found a triangular cookie, and two small candies, along with a pamphlet that, among other things, tells the story of a Persian king.

It was only later that I wondered whether I should have told the three girls that I had, just minutes before I encountered them, purchased a package of the same exact polka-dot printed bags and that I, too, intended to fill my bags with goodies, then give them away to others. And yet, in retrospect, such a revelation might have felt awkward, and might somehow have spoiled such a simple interaction.

Unrelatedly, when I finally stepped outside, I found that ice was falling from the sky.

True story. All of it happened.


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