A note to my student

Dear student:

You are in high school and you are male. I am your teacher, and I am female. Why are you touching the sleeve of my sweater? I suspect that you’re trying to check my watch, because you want to know how soon our session will be over. If that’s true, you could have just asked, but at least your actions have a rational, benign interpretation. (And yes, I know you have a language impairment, and that, for you, asking this question really does take a lot of effort.)

But please, for your sake and for mine, when I ask why you’re tugging at the sleeve of my sweater, don’t lie to cover up your true intentions. The alternative you offered is far creepier. “I wanted to feel your sweater,” sounds far less innocent than “I couldn’t see your watch.” Especially because most people will assume that it wasn’t the sweater that you wanted to feel.

Seriously, sometimes being honest is just plain better.


Your teacher, who knows you aren’t creepy, and doesn’t want the rest of the world to get confused



  1. Terri

    You need to tell him. Even if he was actually telling the truth (and since I have no idea what other things may be going on for this kid that is a real possibility) the potential for massive fallout is too big to leave this alone.

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