Quality Testing: Free tote bag edition

This happened today. (Times are approximate.)

2:05 pm:
Location: school commons in one of my schools
Principal hands me a free tote bag with the name of the school on it as a holiday gift.

2:10 pm:
Location: The middle of a collection of Christmas trees for sale on the street, through which I needed to pass in order to get to my next school
I walk with purpose.
Dog jumps up and chomps down on the free tote bag.

The following interaction ensues:
Me: Whoa! Whoa! Hey! Let go!
Dog: [lets go]
Dog’s owner: Sorry about that. Is your bag okay?
Me: [checks bag, looks slightly surprised] I think it is.

Conclusion #1: Free tote bag can survive being chomped on by a dog
Conclusion #2: The dog in question understands English


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